Goblin Embassy Passport Photo Office @ Maryland Faerie Festival – 2015


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This year the Goblin Embassy had it’s own unofficial passport photo office. We were able to capture an amazing slice of Fey and Faire folk inhabiting the Maryland Faerie Festival in 2015! ‪#‎mdfaerie2015‬ ‪#‎mdff‬

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Goblin Talk!


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Goblin Talk

It’s ON!

Somehow Gandersnitch the Goblonian Barber got hold of a microphone!  And did you know we can record stuff?  We get to talk to amazing and really awesome people.  sometimes even get to talk to faeries!  And they even talk back to us!  GOBLIN TALK!

We will have cool segments like an Advice thing where you can submit questions and we will answer them on air!  Gandersnitch is the better with words goblin. (he’s all fancy and stuff.)  here’s what he says:

So, here it is: Goblin Talk!T
The weekly short format radio podcast hosted by Gandersnitch the Goblin and Wedji Tucheeks! (insert riotous applause here) Five minutes long, strange and funny, slightly adult at time(as we are adults here, so lets maybe call it pg-13, just to be safe. I mean, I say the word Bastard once in the first minute or two.), and containing information and entertainment pertinent to goblin minds everywhere.

Oh yeah, keep checking back. We will have t-shirts too!

And we have a book with a face page here: https://www.facebook.com/GoblinTalk

Strange Tiny People = SUPER AWESOME PEOPLES!


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Strange Tiny PeopleERMERGERD!  I met this guy! and he like stories! and he knows that the tiny peoples have the best stories.  so he made a bloggie about it!


He was very nice! and he wanted to talk to me and ask me abou stories and strange tiny people too!


I liked him.  Hope we get to visit again!  you should check him out!

Can’t wait to see what he does next!

Wedji Gangnam Style!


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in the Wedji TuCheeks tradition of doing things you can never unsee, I present Opa Goblin Style. but don’t close you eyes because you might miss some awesome cameos! Filmed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

but the real star is clearly AZog  the Greater-Goblin

Comic Teaser


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sneak peek at some concept sketches.  lookie loo!

page 1

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What Wedji Working On?


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Hi all who are wonderful people!

guess what?

oh, you never guess, so I just tell you.

I met this art guy, and this guy who write stories, and they say they want to have Wedji Story!

so we are making wedji comic book! for people who like to read about the adventures of goblins and faeries and trans-fae goblin faeries and me! Azog will be coming to play too!




Goblin Valentines


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happy heart day! from wedji

NY Faerie Fest = awesome!


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just back from http://www.nyfaeriefest.com/

overheard that it is the most “fey” farie festival of all!  have to agree!

Wedji was camera hog as always.  lots of pictures on the pfacebook.

one of my favorites:

everyone was beautiful!  and the faerie Queen was so nice!

more words once I learn them!

What you want?


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Fancy updates and stuff?  Web is hard.  ok. not too hard, but still, techy.

last weekend was maryland faerie fest.  someday they call it maryland goblin fest, but that is ‘nother story.

there is lots of pictures and Wedji made lots of friends!  Wedji’s most favorite thing ever is happy smiley faces!  the little guys were very full of laughs!  which made the Wedji laugh too!

Fluffy was a big show off.  his little bug head is getting to be too big to fit through door.

Helloz world!


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welcome to home of Wedji Tucheeks, MOST FEARED GOBLIN IN ALL ORCISH HOARD!!!

dis iz where Wedji will share bitz about stuff.  like, where she is, and stuff like that.

Dis-klaimer: Goblin alfabet kind like welsh, only we make more words up.  so don expect good spellin’ an’ gammer an’ stuffs.  cause in Goblin, iz perfect!